Spiritual Life

EOCC delivers programs that examine and provide:

  • Ways in which we proclaim Jesus and his Good News by example, in word, prayer, celebration and action.
  • Practical expressions of the Gospel message within and beyond the College community.
  • Strategies for strengthening our commitment as members of the College community to our mission, and for celebrating our Catholicity.
  • Collaboration with our pastor/s in reflecting on and living out our mission.
  • The effectiveness of our Catholic witness.

Links with Local Parishes

Staff, the local parish and families work together as partners in the spiritual formation and education of all the students at EOCC.

This partnership is based on:

  • Mutual trust and respect.
  • Shared responsibility.
  • Effective and positive communication processes and protocols.

Families at EOCC are recognised as the first educators of their children as they continue to influence their children’s faith formation, learning and development throughout their whole life. EOCC is committed to promoting high levels of family and parish community involvement in all its key activities throughout the year.

The partnership with local parishes:

  • Has students at the centre of our thoughts and actions.
  • Respects student needs.
  • Gives families and parishioners authentic opportunities to contribute to EOCC’s decision-making and governance.
  • Supports all families to become actively involved in their Catholic community within both College and parish.
  • Provides opportunities to allow all members of the community, but particularly the students and families belonging to the College, to deepen their faith.
  • Ensures that the Catholic Faith and traditions are nurtured across the generations.

Links with other Catholic Colleges

EOCC promotes positive and productive links with neighbouring Catholic schools and Colleges. The partnerships developed with these Colleges endeavour to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the types of programs that EOCC provides to address the needs of students with disabilities.

An important component of the ongoing relationships with other schools and colleges is the encouragement and facilitation of visits by their staff and students to EOCC. A longer-term aim of the College is the development of reverse-integration arrangements for students and staff across all Archdiocesan schools and colleges.

Links with Catholic Special Colleges

EOCC has established links with other Catholic special schools in order to develop a shared professional commitment to students with disabilities.

Links with the Community

EOCC has a strong community orientation. The vision of the College is for its facilities to be used by the community, where and when appropriate. The local community has access to equipment and facilities for adult learning opportunities from time to time.