In future years, it is envisaged that EOCC will continue to be developed as a Centre of Excellence for teaching students with special learning needs in the Archdiocese.

EOCC, as a Centre of Excellence, aims to provide opportunities for teacher and student engagement and involvement with well-resourced learning programs. This has been positioned to enhance information, awareness and access for teachers to effectively manage applications of systems, services and information technologies.

The College facilities, learning environment and services provide space and capacity for:

  • Storage and access to a wide range of curriculum support resources and equipment.
  • Access to learning spaces for individuals and small groups of teachers to engage in a variety of learning activities.
  • Access, information and training with a range of information and assistive technologies.
  • Acquisition, processing, production, maintenance and circulation of curriculum resources.

In order to develop EOCC as a leader in teaching and learning,  our staff are encouraged to develop professional networks with teachers from other schools and colleges. Professional development activities on the Lewisham site are promoted by the College to encourage enhanced teaching and learning practices across Sydney Catholic schools. EOCC develops professional partnerships with neighbouring Catholic schools with the intention of sharing educational resources and facilities, where appropriate.