All students at the college will have the provision of an Personalised Plan (PP). This plan will act as a concise and usable document that summarises a student’s education program and will begin when a student enters the college and continue throughout the time the student is at the college. The PP will be implemented and reviewed with updates at regular intervals throughout the year and will be a dynamic, ongoing process that will be acted upon as a whole college commitment in partnership with both the individual student and family.

A PP can be brief or complex, depending on the student’s needs. Some students may sometimes require minor, or less often, significant adjustments to their regular program that will be documented in their PP. Other students, with more complex needs, will require more detailed and comprehensive plans. In either case, the PP will provide teachers, students and families with a plan to modify, supplement, or replace parts of the regular curriculum throughout the year.

School staff will contribute to the PP and the meeting of individual needs of students by:

  • Assisting each student to gain appropriate skills through the implementation of each of the strategies contained in the PP.
  • Modelling, teaching and encouraging appropriate academic, interpersonal and social skills development.
  • Reviewing the PP regularly to ensure that the goals meet the student’s needs.
  • Monitoring the PP progress of each student.
  • Providing assessments and reports as required.
  • Maintaining records documenting each student’s progress, with these records available to parents.
  • Attending Personalised Plan and Review meetings as required.
  • Providing students with effective strategies to respond to a variety of situations.
  • Promoting social integration and the use of community facilities.
  • Ensuring that teaching methods are appropriate and unobtrusive.