EOCC Authentic Learning Diagram (12)

The Eileen O’Connor Catholic College Authentic Learning For Life Framework is adapted from the Sydney Catholic School Authentic Learning Framework and designed to meet the needs of the student population.  The college priorities  are:

Key Word Signing

Our college teaches all students Key Word Signing, a variant of Auslan.

Students and their Learning

Personalised Learning

Students at EOCC learn differently and at different speeds. Personalised learning is promoted and implemented at EOCC by ensuring that every student is provided with a ‘learning pathway’ that meets his or her individual needs and abilities. Such teaching and learning practices at EOCC are key factors in addressing and supporting the learning needs of students with disability.

Student Wellbeing

The most effective learning occurs at EOCC when students are themselves and feel good about who they are. Student wellbeing is promoted as a priority at EOCC in encouraging and supporting happy, successful learners.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

It is critical that students from language backgrounds other than English at EOCC are supported through the provision of integrated resources and teaching approaches that are based on sound research and best ESL practice. Students from an ESL background, especially where English is not spoken in the home environment, present particular issues in the classroom situation when the student has a disability.

Environmental Sustainability

EOCC takes its responsibilities for environmental stewardship seriously. Teaching and learning content and methods at EOCC are consistent with this commitment and it is supported it on a daily basis, as well as the community activities that are provided by the college.

Staff Teaching Practices

Contemporary Teaching Practices

EOCC promotes and develops contemporary teaching practices and the latest technology in its classrooms. A key strategy in supporting these initiatives is the provision of regular and targeted professional learning for its staff.

The Australian Curriculum

EOCC adopts and adapts the NESA syllabuses for the Australian curriculum for its students. The aim of the college is to implement this in an effective and creative way that acknowledges the special learning needs of its students.

Data Literacy

EOCC focuses on developing systems and practices that allow it to access and interpret reliable data, particularly when identifying and addressing specific areas of need in student learning.

Improving Literacy and Numeracy

Staff prioritise improved literacy and Numeracy for every student at EOCC by acknowledging the range of formats students adopt in accessing visual information.